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    [Norn One] Full Screen Protector for iPhone 6s (Black Frame)
    4.3 7 Reviews
    Color :iPhone 6s 6 4.7 Inch (Black Frame)[Updated 2 Generation]
    Updated 2 Generation. Stick automatically and smoothly. No bubble or no-stick issue anymore.
    The First truly 3D full coverage screen protector on the market.360 fully screen coverage and iphone screen edge protective and the screen looks as original.
    Shockproof and anti-dust Sealing silicon rubber ring design.
    iphone 6s 3D Touch compatible, HD crystal clear.
    9H hardness tempered glass anti-impact and perfect anti-fingerprint.
  • FAQ
    Does Touch ID work with the case on?
    Yes i have no issues at all
    If I purchase a 3D glass screen protector will this case fit?
    I'm not sure about a 3D screen protector? Depends on how thick it is. I have a basic thin screen protector & it's fine. The case fits fine with it
    Can you use any type of privacy screen protector
    If the privacy screen protector is similar to the film screen protectors then yes....they work just fine with the case.
    Would it still fit the iPhone 6 even if I have a privacy screen protector on ?
    Probably not since this is an exact fit to the phone, it does comes with it's own screen protector that you place on the screen once you have placed the cover on the phone. I too had a pricy protector and I removed it, the screen it comes with for me is much nicer and more clear. It protects the phone well I have dropped it several times on my tile floor and nothing has broken.
    With this on can it fit an iPhone 6 otterbox.? Since it is "super thin".?
    Does it come with a screen protector
    Does the camera work well on the case? No glare with flash? Even at night?
    Yes. The camera isn't obstructed in anyway so it's worked perfectly fine for me at night using flash.
    The hole looks small for the front camera. Does it block it?
    It fits the phone just as any other case. I wouldn't waste money on this though. Trust me.
    does this iphone 6 case work with 6s
    Yes it does!
    Does it cover the back in full? To me it looks like it doesn't cover the sides?
    Yes, it covers the back in full.
    I already have a glass screen protector on my phone. Will this case fit on top of it?
    It just comes with an extra screen protector, so yes. I actually didn't even use it, because I have a glass protector on mine.
  • Reviews
    • It is easy to apply if you follow the instructions
      Penny 06/07/2016
      This screen protector is a glass protector and is very slim. It does not interfere with the phone's touch sensitivity or any other functions. It is easy to apply if you follow the instructions carefully. This screen protector comes with an alcohol wipe, guide stickers, dust-absorbers, and a screen cleaning cloth.
      The screen protector will come in very handy!

      *I've been given this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.*
      • Complete protection without the bulk
        Jeremy Thompson 07/07/2016
        In my opinion, this is the best case for the iPhone if you want good protection without sacrificing the aesthetics.

        Complete coverage - Every part of the phone is covered. The plastic covers the back,sides, and front bezels. The glass sheet covers the screen.
        Size - This is a very streamlined case. It is not bulky at all.
        Price - At this price, I'd much prefer to buy another case instead of a new phone if I drop it.

        • Very very happy!!
          David 16/08/2016
          Received this today. I ordered the black one to match my phone. It was extremely easy to put on. Zero bubbles and you can't even tell its on, it looks like the screen. I put my phone case back on and it looks beautiful.

          My biggest challenge is usually fighting the fluffy white dog hair, they give you extra stickers to remove particles. The glass itself comes very well packed.

          Added bonus, no finger prints! I've been texting away and not a smudge on the screen!!

          So far, very happy, my phone is safe and protected, we shall see how it holds up!
          • Broke to easily
            Jennifer Dennis 29/06/2016
            I got this for my husband he had it one his phone it had gotten a bubble in it some how and he said when he phone got knocked off the screen protection cracked. So there wasn't anything there to keep it protected for cases like this so my husband said it was just made way to thin if it was able to crack that easily. He had liked the color and the idea of being able to protect his screen especially because it had a tiny crack in it so he was going to use this to protect it but it didn't work. He said it was easy to put onto the phone that wasn't hard at all to do but just didn't last long.

            **Disclaimer**I received this product at a discount or for free for an unbiased and honest review. I have reviewed this item honestly and thoroughly. If you found this review helpful, please click the "Yes" button. Review This! thanks sellers for the opportunity to review their products. You can also click my reviewer name to see my profile and follow my reviews.
            • awesome product
              shawn fields 25/06/2016
              I received this product for free for my honest review. I like the color of the glass screen protector. It looks strong and protective. It came with everything i need the screen cleaner, dust-absorber, and the guide stickers it came with two sets of each so that's a plus and it came with a alcohol pad to clean the screen with. Everything on the screen lines up fine the touch id still works with this screen protector on it. It covers my entire phone. Its easy to install it comes with instructions how to do it your self and its easy to under stand and do. It only takes minutes in install its fast and easy. You can use a otter box or any case while this screen protector is on no problem. I would recommended this product to others. I rate this product five out of five stars any time.
              • Easy to get on but may have issues with bubbles un
                Clay 10/07/2016
                This is a great kit, comes with all that is needed to clean and apply the screen protector. It has a good size to it as far as thickness goes so you feel like it will do a great job protecting your screen. Now even after cleaning the screen, reading the instructions etc...I still had issues with the application and getting a few bubbles under and I even tried using a credit card to slide it down and still after 3 or 4 attempts there were a few bubbles. Now I've tried at least a dozen screen protectors over the past 2 years or so and a few did have this issue but most did not. Other then the bubble issue this screen protector is great. It lines up nicely with the screen lines and doesn't ruin or hinder the touch screen at all.

                I did receive this screen protector at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.
                • Extra cushion!
                  Kayela Salinas 14/07/2016
                  I may be overly obsessed with keeping my phone screen safe. It could be because I have shattered more phone screens than not. Either way this is a great thing to have. This one particularly caught my eye because it wasn't just a clear screen. It actually matches my white phone. Another great thing is that it has a tiny rubber lip around it. This helps to bounce your phone slightly if you were to drop it face down instead of just shattering it. It gives it a nice extra cushion. I really like this one and I may even say this one has become my favorite so far. It's worth the try and see if you like it. I certainly do.

                  I received this product for free or on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no monetary compensation and I am not required to give a good review in order to have received my discount. I write my reviews as honestly as possible, as I personally rely heavily on reviews when deciding to purchase an item or not, thus understand and respect the need for honest reviews. Being given a discount to review an item will never influence me to rate higher or lower than I would have otherwise done so if rating an item I wasn't compensated for.
                  As I do frequently review products, it is important to me that my review history, as well as my integrity within it, is shown to be helpful to customers.

                  Thank you!
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