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    [Sublimate] Electroplate Frame iPhone 6/6s Case (Rose Gold)
    4.7 6 Reviews
    Color :Rose Gold
    Subversive design and priecise craft regress case to iPhone 6 / 6s' original outline.
    Extreme aesthetic electroplate frame sublimate your iphone out of stand.
    Ultra scratch resistant, special processed painting craft make the electroplate frame durable and anti-scratch
    Only 0.9mm thickness keep your iphone thin and more felxble hardness PC make the case can protect your iphone
    More Protection: 0.2mm raised camera protect, 0.15mm raised screen protect, 1.2m drop tested.
  • FAQ
    Does Touch ID work with the case on?
    Yes i have no issues at all
    If I purchase a 3D glass screen protector will this case fit?
    I'm not sure about a 3D screen protector? Depends on how thick it is. I have a basic thin screen protector & it's fine. The case fits fine with it
    Can you use any type of privacy screen protector
    If the privacy screen protector is similar to the film screen protectors then yes....they work just fine with the case.
    Would it still fit the iPhone 6 even if I have a privacy screen protector on ?
    Probably not since this is an exact fit to the phone, it does comes with it's own screen protector that you place on the screen once you have placed the cover on the phone. I too had a pricy protector and I removed it, the screen it comes with for me is much nicer and more clear. It protects the phone well I have dropped it several times on my tile floor and nothing has broken.
    With this on can it fit an iPhone 6 otterbox.? Since it is "super thin".?
    Does it come with a screen protector
    Does the camera work well on the case? No glare with flash? Even at night?
    Yes. The camera isn't obstructed in anyway so it's worked perfectly fine for me at night using flash.
    The hole looks small for the front camera. Does it block it?
    It fits the phone just as any other case. I wouldn't waste money on this though. Trust me.
    does this iphone 6 case work with 6s
    Yes it does!
    Does it cover the back in full? To me it looks like it doesn't cover the sides?
    Yes, it covers the back in full.
    I already have a glass screen protector on my phone. Will this case fit on top of it?
    It just comes with an extra screen protector, so yes. I actually didn't even use it, because I have a glass protector on mine.
  • Reviews
    • Stylish phone case
      Heather F. 09/04/2016
      I ordered this case as I was ready for a new look. I really liked the look of this case from the photo which is why I decided to order it. I have to say that after receiving the case, I really like it. The case is a thin, hard shell style comprised of three pieces. The largest piece covers the majority of the back and sides of the phone. This piece has a matte finish that feels like it has a bit of grip to it. The other two pieces cover the top and bottom and snap into the middle piece. The top and bottom pieces are shiny and smooth. All three pieces are rose gold and the shiny is a nice contrast against the matte. The volume buttons and the power button are covered with the case, but are easily pushed.

      With the case on the phone still feels very thin, which is important to me. I like to keep my phone in my pocket and I want it to be as thin as possible while still offering some protection. Overall I am extremely pleased with the look of this case on my phone. I have already received multiple compliments.
      I was given the opportunity to purchase this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
      • Rose Gold
        Trina 14/03/2016
        The Rose Gold Case is simply gorgeous. My only issue is that I ordered the wrong size for my phone. I have an iPhone plus not 6s. This case has a metallic look it's light and has a sheek look but it's durable. The case looks exactly like the actual iPhone in rose gold. I would recommend this case to anyone looking for an upgrade change, but don't want a new phone. The case will compliment the the white or the black iPhone. The opening match up perfectly for taking photos and displaying the Apple Logo. I received this case at a discount rate in exchange for an honest review.
        • Lovely colour and quality
          Linda 07/04/2016
          This cover is very classy and the bottom and head of it is separable. It has got two wipes and dust protector which is very good quality and it was a surprise
          As it was not expected so I loved it even more.
          Your phone will be scratch free if you wish to remove the base. What I really found not this great is the bottom (removable) is difficult to fit it back and it's not easy to remove it or put it again. Colour is very nice and beautiful and I will say it's 5star for quality, the wipes anti dust screen. The only drawback I found is the detachable cover its hard to remove it.
          Disclaimer : I got it at discounted price for my honest review.
          • Pretty in pink
            Shek 21/03/2016
            This case does what a phone case is made to do. Protect my cell phone from all the bumps and dings life brings. You can put it on in 3 easy clicks. I like to change my phone case often and this color is my new favorite. The pink is so pretty I get compliments all the time. It doesn't come with a screen protector but it does protect everything else. My buttons are easily accessible. The style is very thin but durable and very sleek. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.
            • Pretty Color and Nice Material!
              Maria Gagliano 10/03/2016
              Nice Thin case. Three layers of color (primer, metallic color and finishing coat of color) Very easy to put on and take off.

              Almost flexible material and amazing color especially the highlighted rose bronze color. LOVE IT!

              Every space and spot matches up perfectly with my phone and NO bounce flash under low lighting. I hate having to take my phone cover off just to use my camera.

              Great price for this phone case.

              Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. My reviews are 100% honest and true based on my personal opinion not on a company’s description or request. No monetary compensation was offered or received.
              • Beautiful case, not much of a protection!
                Flowers 12/03/2016
                If you are looking for a lot of drop protection for your iPhone, LOOK AWAY! It what matters to you is looks and looks alone, CHECK THIS ONE OUT!
                Having said that let me get into the review for this iPhone 6/6s case.

                PACKAGE CONTENTS:
                - One slim cover (3 pieces) of the case top, bottom and the actual plate.
                - One set of wet and dry wipes
                - Instructions to install the case

                - Amazing rose gold tone to the cover. Perfectly plated and feels great when used.This is definitely something you should check out if you have an iPhone in rose gold.
                - This case has a very nice feel to it once it is on the phone.
                - Ultra slim case.
                - Amazingly perfect cutouts for everything you may need to use on your phone, be it the camera or the speaker, or any other inputs etc.
                - The camera cut out needs a special mention because it is just perfect. This is exactly aligned to your camera, while ensuring that there are no shadows or issues in the pictures taken using the phone when in the case.
                - The case has almost the same soft key button feel you have when using the volume buttons on the iPhone itself.
                - Provides minimalistic protection and looks great! What is great is that the product details actually call out and exactly describe what you should expect from this slim case! (Hats of to the seller! Not all sellers do that!)

                - It took me a couple extra minutes to install this case as the case does not have any felt material inner coating (I have this felt material in other cases I use and it feels great to be sure that the case being installed will not scratch my pricey iPhone).
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