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  • Willnorn
    Norn One [Silk] iPhone 6/6s Case (Black)
    4.0 5 Reviews
    Color :Black
    The same inside and out 5 layer paint craft anti-scratch your iphone 6s but still a ultra-thin surface.
    Press reinforced design make a great button press feeling.
    Anti-crack crevice design and use special PC material make case hardness but flexible, no easy crack.
    Light and smooth as a silk. 7g weight and 0.7mm thickness, metal texture handle feel.
    iPhone 6s Case. Compatible with Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6
  • FAQ
    Does Touch ID work with the case on?
    Yes i have no issues at all
    If I purchase a 3D glass screen protector will this case fit?
    I'm not sure about a 3D screen protector? Depends on how thick it is. I have a basic thin screen protector & it's fine. The case fits fine with it
    Can you use any type of privacy screen protector
    If the privacy screen protector is similar to the film screen protectors then yes....they work just fine with the case.
    Would it still fit the iPhone 6 even if I have a privacy screen protector on ?
    Probably not since this is an exact fit to the phone, it does comes with it's own screen protector that you place on the screen once you have placed the cover on the phone. I too had a pricy protector and I removed it, the screen it comes with for me is much nicer and more clear. It protects the phone well I have dropped it several times on my tile floor and nothing has broken.
    With this on can it fit an iPhone 6 otterbox.? Since it is "super thin".?
    Does it come with a screen protector
    Does the camera work well on the case? No glare with flash? Even at night?
    Yes. The camera isn't obstructed in anyway so it's worked perfectly fine for me at night using flash.
    The hole looks small for the front camera. Does it block it?
    It fits the phone just as any other case. I wouldn't waste money on this though. Trust me.
    does this iphone 6 case work with 6s
    Yes it does!
    Does it cover the back in full? To me it looks like it doesn't cover the sides?
    Yes, it covers the back in full.
    I already have a glass screen protector on my phone. Will this case fit on top of it?
    It just comes with an extra screen protector, so yes. I actually didn't even use it, because I have a glass protector on mine.
  • Reviews
    • I absolutely love it
      Me 26/02/2016
      I just received this case and I am extremely pleased. This is exactly how I like cases because I hate bulky ones, even if it means a little less protection. This case actually exceeded my expectations; very nice material and fits like a glove. I will certainly order more for my family.
      • I like this case a lot
        Liana Khacha 06/03/2016
        I like this case a lot. Its a nice champagne gold, so not a very bright piercing color, and it ultra thin. I love that the color of the case matches the gold on the back of my phone because it doesn't take away from having a full cover in place. The product is sturdy, Ive had it for a while now and actually dropped my phone a few times, and not even a scratch. I highly recommend it. My friend also ordered this product in black, so if you need another color, this company makes them in other colors as well.
        • I typically don't put cases on my phone as I think
          The Eric 31/05/2016
          This is the slim case you should buy if you consider yourself a mature adult who doesn't drop the phone. I typically don't put cases on my phone as I think they basically change the form factor of an otherwise awesome device along with its user experience. This case is THE case that I use for the last couple years, and it's been serving the purpose of preventing day to day wear really well. It would otherwise get a five, but to other buyers observation, it does break after a while and at a regular price of $8, it's not exactly cheap for a piece of thin plastic. For that matter, I am taking away one star, but since there are no alternatives, I just keep buying. Wish they can make a quick change to the product so it doesn't break that easily, and probably add a few more nice colors to the collection. In fact, I think they should just sell them as collection of half dozen or dozen with a combination of colors since they break easily.
          • Awesome case dragged down by fatal design flaw and
            snocyclist 03/12/2015
            It's a terrible shame, since I absolutely love the concept of this case. It's hyper thin, has incredibly responsive button cut-outs, makes it so the camera lies flush with the rest of the back of the phone, has a great matte feel to it, looks great. The material definitely isn't top-notch, but is definitely enough to act as a sort of helmet for your phone--one good drop will likely break the case, but protect your phone.

            However, only a few weeks in, the case is breaking apart. On the bottom corners of the case there are small slits. These slits are necessary to help the phone slide into the case, since the material isn't very flexible and the fit is so tight. However, these small slits catch on things very easily, and just sliding the phone into and out of my pocket, the slits have caught onto things, pulling on the material, causing cracks. These cracks have started to cause small chunks of the case to break off, leaving my phone unprotected.

            Normally, a major flaw like this would cause me to give a two-star review. However, on top of that, I contacted the company to ask about the problem, and received no response (it has been around a week and a half since I emailed them).

            A two-star product from a one-star company. Will update if my situation changes.

            Oh, another small note if you do buy this...the case doesn't protect the front face of your phone at all. I was using this case as well as a glass screen protector.

            UPDATE 4.2016:
            I finally managed to make contact with Willnorn, using Amazon's seller contact method (the never responded to the email via their own website). Willnorn did acknowledge that there was a problem with my case, and sent me a replacement. I'm using my replacement now, and the thinness seriously is the best.
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            • Perfect FIT, Thin/Light, Attractive Silky Look/Fee
              Stephanie Sullivan 26/10/2015
              I received a sample in order to use and honestly review this case.

              The balance of what makes a good case for me may not be the same for others. Protection for my iPhone is important to me but so is feel and appearance. That said there are mostly good and some not so good points about this case from Willnorn.

              + Perfect fit, and I mean perfect.
              + It looks "rich" with the velvety surface texture
              + Very lightweight and thin; does not add to iPhone 6 bulk
              + The silky smooth surface feels nice in my hand, and isn't very slippery
              + Works with any dock/cable I've tried

              - I am not confident this VERY thin plastic case will protect well from falls
              - The case does not wrap above my screen, especially with my glass screen protector installed

              I like the case in terms of fit, feel and looks. It has a nice rich feel and this thin light case keeps the iPhone 6 thin and light.

              I'm just not confident such very thin and stiff plastic will protect my iPhone 6 well when dropped. Unlike a previous Willnorn case I tried this one does not have sides that come up high enough to protect from a face-down fall well. This is important for me and I'd rather have a more resilient case.

              Any case is a trade-off between size, style, access and protection. Others may have different priorities than me. Because protection is a very important part of an iPhone case for me and this one fall short for me I'm only giving it 4 stars. A slightly thicker case that come up around the sides enough to protect the screen with a glass screen protector in place would have gotten 5 stars.
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