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    Walker6 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone
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  • Willnorn Walker6 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone.
    With latest active noise cancelling technology + Wireless feature, Walker6 not only the wireless headset which have a good sound quality, but also can control noise in the surrounding for more scenes.

    What is Active Noise Cancelling
    "Active" means Walker6 makes the reverse acoustic wave which is equal to the external noise to neutralize the low-frequency noise by the Active Noise Reduction System. It best suited for low frequencies(work for up to 20 ± 3db) in the surrounding(bus, plane engine, metro, car, air-conditioning and the people's whisper and talking sound).For higher frequencies white noise, which quickly makes active noise control techniques unmanageable.

    Who need Active Noise Cancelling
    No just for music but more useful for who need quiet and concentrate
    • The students in study.
    • The Business man traveling around.
    • The Commuters commuting day after day.
    • Designer, writer, office worker and reader who need calm down to think in busy office or home.

    Key Features
    • Active Noise Cancelling + CSR Bluetooth 4.0. Latest high-end technology all in.
    • HD Stereo Sound. Clear highs and Rich Bass. Support Dolby, Surround, THX etc.
    • More Comfortable. Using protein material for ear pads and 120 degrees revolve ergonomic design fit your ear better.
    • NFC Compatibility. A cool and useful feature absent from the vast majority of bluetooth headphones.
    • Up to 36-hours Playtime.Build-in replaceable 800mAh high capacity battery, can work up to 36 hours with half volume.
    • Power off line-in. Support line-in playing when turn off the bluetooth(Battery can't take off).
    • Premium Cables included. Package included exclusive 1x Premium Braided Nylon 3.5mm AUX Audio Cable and 1x Charging Cable.
  • FAQ
    Does Touch ID work with the case on?
    Yes i have no issues at all
    If I purchase a 3D glass screen protector will this case fit?
    I'm not sure about a 3D screen protector? Depends on how thick it is. I have a basic thin screen protector & it's fine. The case fits fine with it
    Can you use any type of privacy screen protector
    If the privacy screen protector is similar to the film screen protectors then yes....they work just fine with the case.
    Would it still fit the iPhone 6 even if I have a privacy screen protector on ?
    Probably not since this is an exact fit to the phone, it does comes with it's own screen protector that you place on the screen once you have placed the cover on the phone. I too had a pricy protector and I removed it, the screen it comes with for me is much nicer and more clear. It protects the phone well I have dropped it several times on my tile floor and nothing has broken.
    With this on can it fit an iPhone 6 otterbox.? Since it is "super thin".?
    Does it come with a screen protector
    Does the camera work well on the case? No glare with flash? Even at night?
    Yes. The camera isn't obstructed in anyway so it's worked perfectly fine for me at night using flash.
    The hole looks small for the front camera. Does it block it?
    It fits the phone just as any other case. I wouldn't waste money on this though. Trust me.
    does this iphone 6 case work with 6s
    Yes it does!
    Does it cover the back in full? To me it looks like it doesn't cover the sides?
    Yes, it covers the back in full.
    I already have a glass screen protector on my phone. Will this case fit on top of it?
    It just comes with an extra screen protector, so yes. I actually didn't even use it, because I have a glass protector on mine.
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